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Retirement Planning

Retirement is one of the most important life events many of us will ever experience. It can also be one of the most complex too! In terms of the financial planning process.


I have built a calculator so that you can check to make sure that you are on track to reach your retirement goal and make sure that your nest egg is going to be big enough to support you through out your golden years.

Retirement calculator
Work out how much you need to save

- The further you are from retirement the more volatility you may be able to withstand as your portfolio will have longer left to make up any potential downturn.


- As you get older and closer to drawing on your pension you should generally be in a safer portfolio to reduce the impact a downturn would have on your retirement income.


- Everyone has a different capacity and tolerance for risk. To find out your please contact me

-  Remember that you have 7 days to fill with activities and lots of additional time for family, friends and holidays


- Think about how much medical insurance will cost you as it can be very expensive later in life


- You should hopefully if you have planned correctly paid off your mortgage and be debt free

  • Decide your target retirment age.


  • Decide the annual income you will need in retirement.













  • Determine a realistic annualized long term inflation rate in the country you want to retire.


  • Risk and reward go hand in hand. The more risk that you are prepared to take increases your chances of a greater return on your investments. However, it also increases the volatility of a portfolio and the chance of loss.


















  • If you have a final pension scheme, obtain an estimate of its value from your plan provider. This should be the benefit that it pays you per year. You should get this sent to you every year.


  • If you have a personal pension, what is the value of the total fund pot. You can obtain this by calling your provider. This may be a personal pension or one that you contributated through a company that you worked for.


  • What is the value of your existing investments that you plan on using for retirement


  • What is the anualised rental income that you are receiving today. The calculator will inflate this for you.


  • If you are currently saving for your retirement, please include the monthly figure that you are saving.

The Results

If you're on track, Congratulations! Make sure that it remains this way. Contact me so I can make sure that your investments are being managed correctly and you are taking the correct level of risk.


If you're not don't panic and don't bury your head in the sand. Saving an affordable amount regularly is a fantastic starting point that can be built on. Contact me to find out how.

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