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Education Planning:

If being a parent wasn't expensive enough, university fees have been increasing at rate that is higher than inflation for years! How much will it cost you to sent your children to university?

How much is it going to cost you to send your children to university?

The cost:

When you add up the costs over the course of a three or four year degree it all starts to sound a little bit frightening, which is why I’m glad I’ve found this out early.


When children are still young, it gives ample time to plan for their future. I have been looking into regular savings plans which will enable clients to fulfill their long-term objective of a British university education. It can seem like a long way off but by starting now, you can make affordable payments into the plan and watch as compound interest works its magic and turns those modest payments into a sizeable nest egg to ease the financial strain when the time comes to wave your children off on their higher education adventures.

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